M&R Rush Winter Hibernation Update: We hope everyone is doing well. We are happy to announce officially that we will be doing shows in 2019! Every year we like to put a name on our little mini tour. Here is some insight on how we came up with this year’s name.
We are thankful we are still “HERE” writing / making music in 2019 with all the original members and we don’t take it for granted and we enjoy every minute of it still - right “NOW”. We are proud of the fact that we are actually playing and singing everything you “HEAR”. We are still writing music in the style of classic rock. Although music and the music industry has changed greatly over the years – please come “HEAR” how we are still true to our roots. So our name for this year’s shows is “HEAR & NOW” 2019!
This year shows will be made up of 2 beautiful theaters - one in Three Oaks Michigan and one in Crown Point Indiana. Our traditional show at a great club Bourbon Street in Chicago and the others at festivals in Lynwood Illinois, Morris Illinois, Joliet Illinois, Whiting Indiana and a cool show at a reunion in Oak Forest Illinois “Cal Park Reunion” - 2 of us grew up in Cal Park Illinois.
We will be announcing all the dates in a few weeks – if you would like to get our Newsletter please sign up at our website at www.mandrrush.com
See you soon
Marty Roger Carl John Paul Jeff



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