Paul Martin - Guitar & Vocals

As M&R Rush's front man, Paul Martin's self-effacing humor and everyman appeal get the audience's attention, but it's his unique vocal style and energy that are truly magnetic. Born in February, 1954, in Chicago, Martin moved to Cleveland at age 8. He started playing guitar at age 9, and when he returned to Chicago, met future bandmate Carl Moszur in the band "Hot Ice," eventually following Moszur to M&R Rush.

After high school, Martin honed his musical talent at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, where he studied guitar, piano and voice. As the spokesman for M&R Rush, Martin's all class: a classically trained musician with a classic Chicago style.

In 1983 Martin left M&R Rush to pursue other interests, but not long after was drawn to the stage again. His charisma and stage presence contributed to the overwhelming success of the band "The Dancing Noodles," which quickly became a Chicago-area favorite. He played with the Noodles until 1995.

Born to be in "show biz," Martin's definitely not all show. He's a consummate professional whose guitar playing and unique vocals cement the band's signature sound, and whose heart and soul make M&R Rush fans feel like family.

Paul plays Fender and Peavey guitars and uses Vox amps.