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                         M&R Rush Rock Theatre At The Center

By William Mathews

     When M&R Rush first took the stage at Theatre at the Center in Munster on August 17th, it was plain for all in attendance to see that the band meant business when they named their 2014 tour  “Livin’ for the Music”.
     The band came out with smiles on their faces and spring in their steps as they rocked the sold out 450 seat venue. What was billed as a two hour show ran for over three hours as the group left the crowd in attendance panting and hungry for more.
     The very first number the band played was the song that first brought them into local prominence, “Rock and Roll Chicago”, a tune that most bands would have saved for their encore.
     “Rock and Roll Chicago” was the song selected by the Loop radio station for the station’s first “Hometown” album in 1980, and became the number one requested song on the album.
     From there the band launched into covers of “Too Much Time” and “Loreli” by Styx, a group M&R Rush used to tour with, and the band’s energy and joy at appearing live before an appreciative audience was immediately apparent.
     It was obvious from their performance that the boys were just having fun playing together again and the passion they displayed immediately lifted the audience and carried them along for the ride.
     For the group, with all six original members on stage including the co-founders of the band Marty Mardirosian (the “M” in M&R Rush) on drums, and Roger Hirtz (the “R” in M&R Rush) on bass, and John McFarland, Jeff Luif and Paul Martin on guitar and Carl Moszur on keyboards, it must have felt like the old days in Roseland playing in Marty’s aunt’s basement.
     Mixing in original material with covers, Luif, McFarland and Martin each took turns delighting the crowd on lead guitar while Hirtz danced his way across the stage playing his bass riffs.
     The band did not technically take an intermission break, but Carl Moszur allowed his mates a breather as they transitioned from one set to another while Moszur played a fantastic medley on keyboards.  
     Not to be outdone, Mardirosian later transitioned the group from one set to another to let his band mates catch a breather with a riveting, extended drum solo.
     The end of the show even featured audience participation as Mardirosian brought females fans up on stage as “back-up singers” during an extended version of  “Ridin the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon and “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.
     All in all, it was a fantastic show.  The audience got their money’s worth and left the theatre smiling (along with the band). The venue was perfect, the lighting superb and the acoustics perfectly mixed for the size of the venue.
     On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the show a 9.

Chicago Reader Magazine

M&R Rush Featured In Chicago Reader Magazine

Chicago Rock Magazine

Head East & M&R Rush Live at Viper Alley

Viper Alley last Saturday night brought us back to the Seventies with time enduring classics from Head East, a band originally from Carbondale IL.  Roger Boyd, the founding member of Head East, is the only performing original member of the band.  Darren Walker now heads up the band as the main vocalist, with Glen Bridger on guitar, Greg Manahan on bass and Eddie Jones on Drums.   M&R Rush, a band from the south side of Chicago, opened the show with a virtual guitar army of three, along with intense vocal harmonies, as all members were excellent and blended well with each other.   A favorite song of the band, Rock and Roll Chicago, which was chosen by the Loop radio station in 1980 to be on the Loop’s first Hometown album, charged the crowd up for Head east.  Songs included Queen’s Keep Yourself Alive, and Led Zeppilin’s Whole Lotta Love, and Autograph’s Things Get Better With Rock.

Head East opened with Getting’ Lucky into Get Up and Enjoy Yourself, and  right into the 1975 hit Flat as a Pancake.  They prompted the crowd into movement with a couple of tracks from their new release One Night with Head East, Me and My Whiskey and Raise a Little Hell.

Glen Bridger rocked the house with the ripping sounds of lead guitar, into Prisoner, another song off of their new release.  Greg then gave his bass to Darren and donned a guitar himself and jammed into Jefftown Creek, named after a place Darren grew up near.   During this arrangement Eddie Jones went into a drum solo which included pounding his sticks on the bass.

All this was a great transition to Since You’ve Been Gone and Never Been any Reason, the band’s two most well-known hits.  Roger Boyd played a cordless keyboard up above his head in an awesome display of enthusiasm and emotion.  Head East brought out M&R Rush to add to the enjoyment of the crowd and add to the end of the show.

The encore of the show, as the crowd enthusiastically insisted, was the classic Can I Get a Witness, originally by Marvin Gaye, and a new song Elijah, again off of their new release One Night with Head East.  Elijah was a superb ending to the show adding incredible vocal harmonies, a trio of head bobbing movements and an intense guitar solo.   Viper Alley out did themselves with an awesome night of rock, with M&R Rush and Rock legend Head East, a night of fun I will not soon forget.

Reviewed by Lee Bishop on 12/17/11

Rating: 5/5

AOR Magazine

Chicago rockers M&R Rush has left the 70´s sounding pomp/AOR from their previous albums and tuned into a more 80´s AOR/classic rock sound on the new album "Alpha". It´s got a strong production no doubt and I do love their cover of Autograph´s "Turn up the radio", great choice. The first track "He´s a different breed of kat" bring thoughts to the Bon Jovi (New Jersey/Slippery when wet) era, the verse is cool. "The Hour of the Wolf" is really good and sounds like a mix of Giuffria and April Wine, A solid band and the new album is a safe buy if you dig their other stuff.





 M&R Rush Releases New CD – ‘ALPHA’

 October 25' 2011

 The Chicago based band M&R Rush is proud to announce the release of their new 8 song CD titled “Alpha”.

 The CD was recorded between November 2010 and August 2011 at   

Star Tracks Music Productions in Homewood IL. and contains 7 new M&R Rush songs as well as one cover song of the band Autograph.

Also included on Alpha is a bonus track video of the first single “He’s A Different Breed of Kat” which is posted on YOU TUBE.

 The release of the CD will be supported by the 2012 ALPHA tour

 For more information please visit